Spendera 4 dygn i naturen - helt solo!

Marie och Sanna kommer att åka upp till Åre i juni för att delta på en s.k. Nature Quest tillsammans med John P. Milton. Läs mer i vår artikel i Forskningsbanken: John Milton Nature Quest


Nature Quest is a powerful awareness training and retreat in the wilderness, combined with a guided, contemporary Solo in nature. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life. The fundamental purpose is to provide a simple and clear introduction to "Natural Mindfulness"-integrating sensing and perceptual refinement with meditating upon sensorial connections with Nature - utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence.


The challenge

We live in a time with many changes, challenges and opportunities. A time when being in touch with your own inner compass is perhaps more important than ever. A time when change-making, at all levels, both as a professional and in our personal life, is about mobilizing your own and other people ́s energy and your commitment to create and live through values of deeper meaning. It is our experience that when this kind of collective commitment is mobilized, true change is possible within yourself as well as in our society.

The outcome

Your Nature Quest and wilderness experience can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centered and harmonious awareness, all of which helps you to be well equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust: the natural world can support you in the process to bring profound peace, self-respect and revelation - your authentic self.

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Sanna Ryd
Sanna Ryd
28 februari 2018

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